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House hunting in Hyderabad

Ever wondered how far you can stretch your money in a city like Hyderabad?

Well, look no further.

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Garden Style Home

If this is your budget, you’re really sitting pretty in a city Hyderabad

What to look for:

Dining room

Spacious open air dining rooms are indicative of the style.

What to look for:


A courtyard, often even inside the center of a home is a classic.

What to look for:


Unique staircases are common in homes of this stature.

Double Gallery

You still have your pick of the litter at this price point. Personally, I’d go for something classic.

What to look for:

Top floor access

There is typically a visible route to get to the top of this home.

What to look for:


On the roof, you’ll find hidden spaces or patios to enjoy.

What to look for:

Gallery floor

These days, gallery floors are used for formal dining.

What neighborhood is right for you?

Managing the upkeep of an older home